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Program details

Affiliate program is available for all platform users. You receive an affiliate link immediately after registration and you can find it in your account.
The reward is received in real-time. As soon as the downstream partner receives profit from the automated order, you will receive a bonus in accordance with the level of the partner. In this case, money is accrued in the currency in which the participant made the order.
Under the current partnership conditions, you will receive a reward at 3 levels for attracting new partners. For the first level you will receive 20% of profit, for level 2 5% and for level 3 - 3% .
The platform has an account verification system to identify multi-accounts created with the purpose of obtaining undue benefits. If multiple registrations are detected, these accounts will be blocked without the right to refund.
Important Our affiliate program works only for automated orders. You will not receive affiliate rewards if your partner creates a manual order.
The number of partners involved, as well as the partner’s profit, has no limits. At the same time, the conditions of the current affiliate program can be changed in the future at the initiative of
* Important Notice
We reserve the right to make any changes to the existing affiliate program if necessary. In this case, the project participants will be notified in the news section or by mass mailing to the e-mails specified during registration.