Risk Disclosure

stockfinance-limited.com Company (hereinafter referred to as the platform, we, the company or stockfinance-limited.com), which operates on the stockfinance-limited.com Internet resource, is an officially registered company that provides registered users (hereinafter referred to as the clients) with the option of arbitrage trading in cryptocurrencies.
We have a license to provide financial services, transfers or value transfer, that allows us to work in the field of arbitrage trading crypto assets.


The provisions of this document notify platform users of the risks associated with operations in the cryptocurrency market, in particular, the implementation of commercial arbitrage transactions through our resource. However, the provisions described do not disclose all possible risks and are not an exhaustive list of precedents that may entail loss of funds or other consequences that are undesirable for clients. This document was created to clarify the nature of possible risks and is not a complete reflection of the possible consequences for platform clients. By registering on the stockfinance-limited.com website, the user confirms that he has read the provisions of this document and is aware of all possible risks. If any-of the clauses is not acceptable for a potential client, he cannot use the services provided by the company. If any of the provisions of the document is not clear to the user, then he is obliged to clarify its essence before starting work on the platform.

Risk warning. Trading

  • 1. stockfinance-limited.com is not responsible for maintaining the value of the money that the client uses for arbitrage trading on the platform. The user must understand that the stability of the cryptocurrency rate does not depend on the company. We provide you with the opportunity to carry out arbitrage transactions, but we can not affect the available quotes.
  • 2. The success of executed orders in the past does not guarantee the profitability of transactions in the present and future. This information is by no means an accurate forecast and should not be construed as a guide. The price of coins is volatile: both rapid increase and decrease are possible.
  • 3. The company's clients are aware that stock trading is a speculative tool that is equally likely to bring profit and loss.
  • 4. The client should be aware that crypto assets are dependent on the news background, the regulators, possible storages theft and hacking. The global economic situation in the world, competition and technical failures can affect the market as a whole and each cryptocurrency individually.
  • 5. Some of the tools that the company uses in their work may be low liquid. This may affect the user's revenue.
  • 6. The client's funds may be depreciated due to a market situation that is unfavorable for the transaction. For the same reason, revenue may be lower than stipulated by the terms of cooperation with the platform.
  • 7. The company and clients may suffer losses due to the fact that some cryptocurrency exchanges may covertly participate in the trading process and artificially create conditions in accordance with their own interests.
  • 8. The reason for the loss of client's funds may be the insolvency of the company, broker, financial institution or electronic payment system, used by the platform during work.
  • 9. The company does not provide trading recommendations to users and is not responsible for any decisions they make.
  • 10. stockfinance-limited.com is not responsible for the loss of funds as a result of hacking the user account by third parties due to the fault of the user. The user is responsible for the security of the login password and agrees not to transfer it to third parties.
  • 11. The company is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of the client's funds due to reasons beyond its control.

Other risks

  • 1. There is a risk of long transactions processing for profit withdrawal due to force majeure or if the client provides incorrect information when creating a request (for example, a wrong wallet address).
  • 2. Replies from technical support may be delayed in case of a large number of requests. In this case, the company’s employees will not be able to process everything in a time.
  • 3. The platform may be suspended in the event of a technical malfunction as a result of a system malfunction, hacker attack, or detection of a critical vulnerability. In this case, the client may temporarily lose the ability to carry out transactions or withdraw funds.
  • 4. The platform may not work properly due to system updates and upgrades. In this case, the client is temporarily unable to withdraw funds, carry out arbitrage transactions and other operations that involve the use of the resource’s functionality.
  • 5. If you provide third parties with the information necessary to enter the account, there is a risk of loss of access to the account and personal funds. That is why we strongly recommend that you store this data in a safe place, do not transfer it to anyone and perform all the necessary security settings for your account.

“Risk Disclosure” may be supplemented and changed during the platform operation. The company reserves the right not to inform customers of such changes. The revised version of this document takes effect immediately after its publication on the company's website.