How to create an arbitrage order

You are on the main page of your account. –°lick on the menu "Arbitrage", you will be taken to a page with 2 tabs. [Automated order | Manual order]
To be able to create automated orders, you need to make a one-time payment for activating a personal bot/robot that will trade for you 24/7 and make a profit every day lifelong. To do this, click on the "Enable bot for automated trading" button. You will see a window with a choice of currency for activation payment. Select a currency and click "Enable."
To create an automated order on the first tab, select the base currency of the order, enter the desired amount, not less than the minimum, and click Create Order. To create a manual order, switch to the "Manual Order" tab, select the desired pair and transaction conditions. Click the "Order" button. You will see a window where you will need to enter the amount of the base currency for the order. After entering the amount, click on the "Create Order" button.
If all the actions are completed successfully, you will see a corresponding window with confirmation of the creation of the order. To check the correctness of creating an order, you can go to the "Orders" tab, then select "Automated orders" or "Manual orders" in the submenu and find a new order there.